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Bulletin Board

Vendor Coordination helps to provide the needed communication and information to keep track of vendor submittals and issues.

The ABS Vendor Coordination team is a single point of contact for vendors and clients concerning ABS certification on all vendor issues:

  • Quotation
  • Certification requirements
  • Status of submittals and comments
  • Survey

Involvement of Vendor Coordination during the project

Project Kickoff:

  • Annotate equipment list
  • Suggest text for purchase orders (requirements, point of contact)

Throughout Project:

  • Provide advice to clients and vendors
  • Provide status updates (via bulletin board)
  • Prioritize reviews based on delivery dates
  • Maintain open dialog with survey
  • Early detection of possible problem areas
  • Chase non-responsive vendors

Project Close:

  • Focus on clearing outstanding comments
  • Tie up all loose ends

Vendor Coordination uses a web-based bulletin board for exchange of information. Every client has its own conference, gated by user IDs and passwords.

Use of the web board gives clients and/or major vendors the chance to review ABS information online (status and comments) in an electronic form and post messages and/or questions.

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