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Research & Development

ABS takes a collaborative approach toward addressing offshore technology issues by working in close cooperation with governments, universities and industry. Research and development partnerships are formed whenever possible with shipyards, design agencies and other organizations to advance offshore technology innovation.

At any given time more than 100 research and development projects are underway at ABS, many of which are offshore-related.

A dedicated team of offshore engineers and researchers within the organization's Technology department in Houston, Texas, are anticipating and advancing the issues associated with offshore oil and gas production units for the future.

ABS also has established satellite branches of its Corporate Technology group, the principle element of which the Singapore Offshore Technology Center (SOTC) designed to further support offshore developments in Southeast Asia. 

Applying Computational Fluid Dynamics to Offshore Structures

ABS and the National University of Singapore’s Centre for Offshore Research & Engineering (CORE) recently teamed up to investigate computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation of fluid-structure interactions including violent free surface motions.


Simulations can show the impact on deepwater risers undergoing vortex-induced vibrations (VIV) in uniform and sheared currents. The VIV can produce a high level of fatigue damage in a relatively short period of time for risers exposed to severe current environments. Wake interference between various risers in the same riser array may also lead to collisions between adjacent risers.


ABS can demonstrate to operators, with CFD simulation scenarios, the VIV of long flexible risers, interference of riser arrays in tandem, side-and-side, square, and diamond arrangements, plus vortex suppression by fairing and helical strakes, and riser fatigue analysis.






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