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My Eagle is your gateway to class. This personalized web portal gives you single access to the ABS information, services, and applications you need most.

Always in and always on, the web portal gives you a new way to connect with our team, access our resources, and manage your ABS fleet through our suite of ABS Eagle software products.

Life Cycle Management

ABS Eagle software puts class at your fingertips. Manage your assets through the ABS Eagle suite of applications for the duration of their life-cycle. From first drawing to scrapping, access the online tools you need to manage your plan approvals, calculations, surveys and other class services online.


The ABS Eagle Web Calc Structures and Machinery software modules provide engineers with instant calculations based on ABS Steel Vessel Rules Part III and IV. Spanning rule changes across multiple years, these tools save critical time both at initial design and during future reviews as well.

ABS Eagle Rule Manager's extensive search functionality quickly identifies applicable ABS Rules and IMO requirements for a project based on parameters including vessel type, service, scantling length, and contract date.


Use the Plan Review tools in ABS Eagle Engineering Manager to manage your drawings throughout the approval process. Electronic submission reduces approval cycle time and eliminates the uncertainty of approval status. Project Managers, Design Managers and ABS Engineers work together, on the same system throughout the project, recording all comments and drawing versions in one secure location.


Conveniently access your fleet information with ABS Eagle Survey Manager. Track, schedule and manage all of your classification and statutory survey and certification requirements. Planning tools provide graphical representations of pending or overdue surveys along with asset particulars and guidance for survey preparation.

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