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The Classification Societies have reciprocal agreements to honor other approvals of External Specialists. For more details refer to the Service Supplier Approval publication available on the IACS website, or Click here.

Click here for information on the IACS UR Z 17 requirements to become an external specialist.

Restrictions on the Use of the ABS Logo:

The letters "ABS", the ABS Eagle, ABS SafeHull, ABS SafeNet, and ABS SafeShip are registered trademarks of ABS. These logos are widely used in official ABS documentation and marketing materials, including ABS Certificates, advertisements, brochures, and on the ABS websites. Unauthorized use of the logos is an infringement of ABS's Copyright under 17 U.S.C. § Section 101 et seq.

The only ABS logo that is allowed for use by Recognized Service Providers is as follows. (jpg and eps format files may be requested direct from


Disclaimer for Persons Trained to Service Lifeboats:

Flags states may have their own requirements for who and/or what organization may service a lifeboat. Be sure to determine any flag-state specific requirements before proceeding with lifeboat servicing. This may be discussed with a local ABS office. The listed manufacturers have presented ABS with affidavits attesting to the training of the listed individuals. The manufacturers will maintain a list of trained individuals on their web site. ABS will provide a link to the web site, however, ABS can not accept responsibility for the accuracy of these listings and the qualifications of the individuals listed. If you wish to be included on this list, please forward the attached application to your local ABS Office.

Approved Chief Engineer:

As of 30 June 2002, it is no longer necessary for a Chief Engineer to carry a certificate of approval from ABS in order to credit items of machinery opened and serviced by the vessel's crew. The effectiveness of the Chief Engineer will be determined based on the records and general condition of the equipment and/or vessel. If the attending ABS surveyor accepts the work done, the following information is to be collected and provided when CMS or SSM items are being credited based upon an exam carried out by a Chief Engineer:

  • Name of Chief Engineer
  • License number of Chief Engineer
  • Date of expiration of Chief Engineer's license
  • Name of the Administration that issued the Chief Engineer's license

Even if a different Chief Engineer examined some or all the items, the ABS surveyor will record the above information for the Chief Engineer that is currently onboard and presenting items for crediting.

Crediting of Machinery items to SSM and CMS surveys, after being examined and/or repaired by a member of the ships' crew, is allowed provided the Chief Engineer holds a current license issued by the Flag Administration. If the Chief Engineer's license is not issued by the same Flag Administration of which the vessel is flagged, evidence is to be provided that the current Flag Administration has accepted the Chief Engineer's license. Items that have been examined by the Chief Engineer subsequent to the last ABS attendance onboard, can be credited if presented to the attending surveyor, upon review of the maintenance records, a visual exam and operational test, if applicable.

Items done by the Chief Engineer are to be credited based on the date that a surveyor verifies these items. As a general guidance, a minimum of 50% of the machinery items are to be opened up with an ABS surveyor in attendance. Included in this 50% are the following items which should be examined, to the extent deemed necessary, by the surveyor and not left solely to the Chief Engineers.


  • Bilge system
  • Compressed air tanks and relief valves
  • Other Pressure vessels - service rating of >50 PSI (3.5 Bar)
  • Fire fighting equipment
  • Foundation bolts and chocks
  • Line shafting and bearings
  • Piping systems
  • Pumping arrangements
  • Sea valves and sea chests
  • Overboard discharge valves
  • Steering gear and relief valves


  • Main engine cross head pins and bearings
  • Main engine crank pins and bearings
  • Main engine bearings and journals
  • HP and LP turbines, flexible couplings and reduction gears
  • Main thrust bearing
  • Safety devices and trips


  • Generator turbine, flexible couplings, thrust bearing and reduction gear
  • Safety devices and trips
  • Emergency generator