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Publications-Equipment Certification

Type Approval Program
28 Nov 2014
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Selection Services for Ballast Water Management Systems
06 Nov 2014
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Ballast Water Treatment Advisory 2014
28 Aug 2014
This Advisory covers updated regulatory requirements, developments in technology, and important information for compliance.
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Activities Magazine
18 Oct 2013
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Surveyor magazine
30 May 2013
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Activities magazine
20 May 2013
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Exhaust Gas Scrubber Systems
22 Mar 2013
This Advisory has been produced to summarize the regulatory requirements applicable to SOx EGC systems, provide an overview of available technologies and highlight some of the selection, installation and operational issues that need to be considered when selecting EGC systems as a means for ships to comply with current and future exhaust gas emission regulations.
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Activities magazine
24 Oct 2011
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Container Certification & Inspection Services
19 May 2011
This booklet provides an overview of ABS services for the inspection and certification of containers.
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ABS Eagle Engineering Manager
22 Dec 2010
A description of the ABS Eagle Engineering Manager software and how it can reduce drawing approval times.
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