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Environment and Energy Efficiency

At ABS, our objective is to provide our customers the most appropriate guidance so they can better understand and effectively manage what is required now and what may be required in the future.

We aim to be the class society of choice for the new generation of environmentally-friendly and energy-efficient ships. We work in close collaboration with universities and industry leaders on a host of next generation projects that will help create more environmentally-friendly ships.

Environmental Services

ABS can provide assistance to designers and owners as they seek to understand and address the increasing number of environmental regulations and challenges. Advice and guidance is available on topics as diverse as ballast water management to cold ironing, controlling emissions, handling oily bilge water residues and complying with local and regional regulations that may differ from international standards. Click here to view the publications currently available.

The ABS Guide for the Environmental Protection Notation for Vessels has been developed with the objective of promoting environmentally-safe design, construction and operation of ABS-classed vessels and marine structures. The requirements relate to enhanced environmental standards for hull antifouling systems, ballast water management and the prevention of oil, sewage, garbage and air pollution. Shipowners may select either the ENVIRO notation based on compliance with the international conventions or the ENVIRO+ notation which includes additional criteria for environmental protection related to design characteristics, management and support systems, sea discharges and air discharges.

Intended to help shipowners as they develop a Ship Recycling Plan for each of their vessels, the ABS Guide for the Class Notation Green Passport may also assist designers, equipment suppliers, builders and owners in the practical and reasonable formulation and maintenance of the required inventory of hazardous materials. The Guide is applicable to new and existing ships for which the optional notation GP has been requested. Obtaining this notation will help comply with the IMO Ship Recycling Convention.

Energy Efficiency

As an active participant in IMO working sessions, ABS remains up-to-date on the rapidly changing regulatory environment, particularly in the realm of energy efficiency. When requested, ABS can carry out an Energy Efficiency Design Index (EEDI) review of a vessel’s design against the current IMO standard and assist owners in the preparation of Ship Energy Efficiency Management Plans (SEEMP) and Company Energy Efficiency Management Plans (CEEMP).

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