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Bringing together more than 60 different international standards and regulations relating to the employment and working conditions of seafarers, the Maritime Labour Convention was ratified on 20 August 2012.

The Code establishes minimum design standards for the accommodation and work areas on board the ship.  It also lays down a clear set of standards that will govern the terms of employment of the crew. 

ABS expects to be asked by many flag States to conduct the necessary plan reviews and on-board audits to verify compliance with the Convention, and has a program designed to assist owners in preparing for and understanding the new Maritime Labour Convention.

  • The ABS Guidance Notes on the ILO Maritime Labour Convention of 2006 contain the convention requirements, with explanations and suggested enhancements that, if adopted, may qualify a vessel for the applicable ABS notation. These interpretations are complemented by citing examples of procedures and record-keeping tools that, based on ABS’ experience, may help owners and operators achieve compliance in a more efficient and cost-effective manner. 
  • The ABS Guide for Compliance with the ILO Maritime Labour Convention, 2006 Title 3 – Accommodation, Recreational Facilities, Food and Catering Requirements addresses issues related to quality of life at sea, including the physical design of seafarer accommodations and the characteristics of the ambient environment such as whole-body vibration, noise, indoor climatic variables, and lighting to which crew members are exposed during work, rest, and recreation. Guidance for complying with the Title 3 requirements is provided in the Guide based on ABS’ interpretation of the intent of the Part A requirements.  This Guide provides the assessment criteria and measurement methodology for obtaining an ABS Maritime Labor Convention (MLC) Accommodations (ACCOM) notation (MLC-ACCOM).
  • Voluntary Certification to the MLC in the run up to eventual ratification of the convention. This move aims to ease the pressure to meet compliance at the last minute before entry into force of the convention. To facilitate this, ABS has a ready pool of trained ILO inspectors.

For more information on ILO MLC certification, please contact an ABS representative in your area.

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