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ABS offers comprehensive ship security services designed to help shipowners and operators meet the requirements of the International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (ISPS).

Key elements of the ABS Ship Security Program include:

  • Company Security Officer (CSO): A designated individual in the Company responsible for developing and implementing a security program.
  • Ship Security Assessment (SSA): A risk-based analysis of security-related hazards or threats for each ship the company operates. The assessment should address the particulars of the ship, its cargoes and crew and the locations where it will operate. It should also consider the likelihood of various security-related scenarios and possible responses to those scenarios.
  • Ship Security Plan (SSP): A ship-specific document based on the assessment that identifies the equipment, measures and procedures that will be employed to maintain security on board the ship. The plan must include specific measures appropriate to the level of security specified by the Government or the company. The plan must be approved by the flag State or its Recognized Security Organization (RSO), such as ABS.
  • Ship Security Officer (SSO): A designated individual on board each ship responsible for implementing the ship security plan - both at sea and in port - and for training the ship's crew in their security-related duties. This individual is the primary point of contact between the ship and the Port Facility Security Officer at each port or terminal.

The ABS Guide for Ship Security helps shipowners achieve compliance with the new international SOLAS and the ISPS Code regulations. A notation is available for those vessels complying with the contents of this Guide.

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