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Procedure for Becoming Type Approved

Step 1: Application

Submittal Package Includes:

  • Completed application
  • Application (MS Word format)
  • One electronic copy of applicable drawings, datasheets, test results, etc.
  • Sufficient data to verify compliance with stated standards
  • Must be specific to the intended services stated on the application

Standards for Approval:

  • ABS Rules and Guides
  • US National and Foreign National
  • US Federal
  • Foreign Federal (Administrative)
  • International (IMO) Safety (SOLAS)
  • Manufacturer's standards

Step 2: Evaluation and Assessment

Design Evaluation:

  • ABS technical office reviews plans; where satisfied, plans are approved and a PDA (certificate) is issued

Prototype Test

Management Assessment:

  • Performed by local ABS surveyor
  • Standardized checklists for surveyor guidance
  • Requirements not applicable for all clients
  • Emphasis on quality control
  • Based on ISO 9000 standard

Production Assessment:

  • Performed by local ABS surveyor
  • Standardized checklists for surveyor guidance 
  • Production surveillance will be conducted on an annual basis

Step 3: Type Approval Certification

In some cases a Unit Certification test by a surveyor may be required for each production unit of equipment.

Issuance of Certificate:

  • ABS port office issues a five-year Manufacturing Assessment Certificate to the manufacturer
  • Product is included in ABS List of Type Approved Equipment and ABS website
  • Manufacturer may market product as ABS Type Approved on the equipment
  • Certification of Type Approval may then be printed from the website

Maintenance of ABS Type Approval:

  • Annual plant surveillance
  • Products may be added to listing without interim plant surveys
  • New products or changes to existing products may necessitate additional design review
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